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Poodle Palace Heritage Rug

Poodle Palace Heritage Rug

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Step into a world of elegance and charm with our "Poodle Palace" rug, featuring a stunning design inspired by the timeless artistry of William Morris. This rug is a true masterpiece, blending the classic beauty of Morris' style with the playful spirit of poodles.


Available in three sizes (24x36 inches, 36x60 inches, and 48x72 inches) and in horizontal and vertical shapes, this rug is the perfect addition to any room. The intricate patterns and rich colors create a sense of luxury and sophistication, making it a focal point in your home decor.

Crafted with 100% Polyester Chenille, this rug is not only beautiful but also durable and easy to maintain. The hemmed edges and coated backing add to its durability, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Whether you're a poodle lover or simply appreciate the beauty of William Morris' designs, our "Poodle Palace" rug is sure to impress. Add a touch of elegance to your home with this exquisite rug that celebrates the beauty of both art and nature.

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